The 3rd Annual Generational Invitational & Friday Night Lights

The Generational Invitational is back!  Grab a friend, young or old, and join Ft. Ben Fit for a unique and fun-filled competition!  We will again be hosting a combined age, team of 2 competition (MM, FF and MF).  We will have a single age grouping but offer two divisions – RX and Intermediate.  Combined ages of participants must be 70 years or older.  The twist comes in the form of advantages for each workout based on the combined ages of the team.  The more years of combined ages of the team, the greater the advantage within the workouts.  There will be more details to come in the future, but please plan to come out participate and have a great time with some friends!

On the eve (Friday, September 25, 2020) of The Generational Invitational, Ft. Ben Fit will hosting it’s first ever unsanctioned strongman competition, Friday Night Lights. This event will be a partner competition and there will be 3 division.

Divisions will be Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (no weight classes). The beginner division is for athletes new to the sport and weights will lighter. Intermediate is for athletes who may have little to moderate experience with the sport/implements. Advanced is for athletes who have competed previously in the sport and weights will be heavier. Teams will compete as male/male or female/female.      

On the day of competition, we will be practicing safety precautions at the highest level.  This will allow competitors, judges, and volunteers to feel safe and enjoy the day. 

What you can expect from us:

  • A thoroughly sanitized environment at the beginning of the day
  • A dedicated cleaning crew of volunteers to wipe down equipment between each heat
  • Safe distances with lane assignments and low number of participants in each heat
  • Masks to be worn by judges and volunteers when working in close proximity to athletes

We hope that everyone feels comfortable with these guidelines.  Because this is a partner competition, teammates should anticipate sharing equipment with each other during each workout.  Athletes are more than welcome to wear masks or gloves for personal protection. 

There will be no refunds on registration fees, but we will allow transfers if absolutely required.  Of course, we are at the mercy of government regulations and things can change at any time.  Should we not be allowed to hold our competition due to legal considerations, we will issue full refunds to participants. 

We will be having both indoor and outdoor events this year (weather permitting).  You can expect a very challenging and fun day of competition.  This event sells out every year, so don’t hesitate to register!  


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