2nd Annual Generational Invitational

We are excited to announce the 2nd Annual Generational Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th, 2019.

Grab a friend, young or old, and join us for a unique and fun-filled competition. The Generational Invitational is back this year with a new twist. We will again be hosting a combined age, team of 2 competition (MM, FF and MF). This year we are only making a single age grouping but offering two divisions – Rx and Intermediate. Combined ages of participants must be 70 years or older.

The new twist comes in the form of advantages for each workout based on the combined ages of the team. The more years of combined ages of the team, the greater the advantage within the workouts. There will be more details to come in the future, but please plan to come out participate and have a great time with some friends!

Ready register? Click HERE

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