Ft. Ben CrossFit’s Nutrition Challenge

When: Nov 15th – Dec 27th

What: A Nutrition Challenge to make yourself PROUD!

Specifics: 6 Weeks of FOCUS and Self Commitment.

  • Push the “reset” button on your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects (stomach issues, skin problems, sleeping issues, stress issues, etc.) of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn how to use good, whole foods to affect your day to day life and your long term health.
  • The purpose of this Challenge is to learn about how our bodies react to foods, exercise and change. It take 6-8 weeks to see change in our own bodies. Quality of Life should be first and foremost on our minds in regards of what we want to get from this challenge. The ability to play with kids and grandkids, being able to move in any capacity and knowing the steps we need to take to ensure our Quality of Life is assured in our later years. The WILL POWER to make the CHOICE to perform these steps and having the MOTIVATION to stay on track!
  • By eating real foods (not processed, outside perimeter of the grocery store) will provide your body with the essential vitamins that many believe they need to take in pill form. We can heal our bodies with eating the right amounts of veggies, meats & good fats (minimal sugar, starches and bad fats).
  • Flexible eating is where, as humans we can control what we eat by consuming in moderation and the quality of food we are putting into our bodies. We’re all human and we all are hard on ourselves for the choices we making regarding food and actions. It’s OK to eat a small portion of ‘bad’ food(s) a few times a month however, when those ‘bad’ foods are chosen, three good meals should follow. Our goal (if losing weight) is to end our day with a calorie deficit. This is accomplished with not only eating quality foods, but exercising as well. A calorie deficit is having 300-500 calories left over at the end of your day.
  • By adding each Challenge participant to MyFitnessPal, it gives all participants accountability for food and exercise, which results in points accrued during the week. Each week is calculated and posted in the Ft Ben CrossFit Athlete Facebook page. MFP (MyFitnessPal is a great asset to learning what fuels a body during workouts and life in general) has many resources regarding recipes, looking up foods to fit your meal plan (including macros/keto), prepping for the week or next day, MOTIVATION is the key to staying on track and seeing the results.
  • Educating each participant/athlete is our main goal with this challenge. It’s up to them to WANT to make those choices to benefit their Quality of Life.

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