CrossFit? 6 Reasons to Join a Beginner-Program First!

Walking into a CrossFit facility is intimidating.  The loud music, barbells dropping, people cheering, and weights clanging cause many to be too fearful to enter.  As CrossFit trainers, we understand that this fear keeps many people from stepping into something that could potentially change their lives.
At Ft. Ben CrossFit, we have developed a successful program to limit this intimidation, and help people reach their full potential.  We call it our 4-Week Beginner Program, and here are 6 reasons why you should join it!

#1- Increased Strength, Aerobic Capacity, and Functional Movement

CrossFit is a program that is designed for the client to perform varied, functional movements, executed at a high intensity.  During the 4-week course we will:

  • Establish proper body-weight movements (i.e. air squat, lunge, push up, etc.), which will increase your day-to-day mobility
  • Safely introduce the Deadlift, Back Squat, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, and numerous other weightlifting movements that will make you stronger
  • Tax the three metabolic pathways (Phosphagen, Glycolytic, and Oxidative), which are big words that mean you will be able to run/bike/swim harder, faster, and longer!

#2- Proper Instruction

The beauty of starting a beginner program is the ability for a Certified Trainer to break down movements, and safely educate all participants in a structured format.  The beginner program is broken down into 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: Functional Movements
  • Week 2: Olympic Weightlifting
  • Week 3: Basic Gymnastic Skills
  • Week 4: Baseline Metcon’s

#3- Increased Body Awareness 

Throughout the 4-week course, you will be introduced to movements that may come easier or be more challenging for you individually.  Everyone will excel and struggle at their own times.  However after being properly coached through every movement, you will know how to modify more challenging movements, and make easier movements more challenging.

#4- Nutritional Advice

At. Ft. Ben CrossFit, we have a partnership with Indianapolis’ top nutrition experts at Macros Lab.  During the program you will have the opportunity to attend a nutrition presentation that will educate you on the following:

  • Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins
  • How much should I eat?!
  • When should I eat them?!

For more information on Macros Lab- Click Here:

Macros Lab

#5- New Friends!

Throughout the 4-week program you will have a sense of community with your peers who go through the same workouts with you… we like to call them “battle buddies”.  Not only will you have the support of others in the course, but you’ll also be introduced to the entire community of current Ft. Ben CrossFit members!

#6- Increased Confidence 

After completing the Ft. Ben CrossFit Beginner Program, you will have the strength, support, and confidence to enter a regular CrossFit class- or tackle other fearful obstacles in life.

The next step is signing up.  By confronting your fears head-on, we can transform your fears into confidence.  Here’s the opportunity to rejuvenate your life:

Sign Up For 4-Week Beginner Program!

2 thoughts on “CrossFit? 6 Reasons to Join a Beginner-Program First!

  1. Hello I read your information and caught my eye. I was wondering do you’ll hve trainers that can get you fit and gain muscle. I’m 20 years old and I’m pretty thin but I would like to know if your program will help m gain muscle and fat and teach me what I need to get muscle and fat and stay fit.


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