Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of experience do I need? What activity level?

A: No prior fitness experience is required to try our gym! Ft Ben Fit has members ranging from 15-70 years old, and all movements/workouts are scalable to meet your fitness level. Our coaches will personally walk you through each movement and help you choose the correct movement and weight.

Q: What types of classes do you offer?

A: Ft Ben Fit offers a variety of classes, including Performance and BURN, which are 60 minutes in length and offer a total body workout. To learn more, click HERE! These classes are offered regularly throughout the week with 9 classes daily and 4 classes on Saturday mornings. We recommend you try both class types during your three free class trial period.

Q: How are classes structured?

A: We follow Mayhem Affiliate programming, which is posted weekly to WODIFY*. All classes are 60 minutes, and a typical performance class would include:

  • 10 min warmup and stretch
  • 20 min strength cycle or body weight skills
  • 20 min metcon (combining cardio, balance, endurance, strength, and agility)
  • 10 min accessory (cooldown, abs, muscle isolation, and mobility)

*WODIFY is the software system we use for members to reserve classes, view workouts, track results, and interact (like/comment) with other members.

Q: What are your class sizes and sign-in policy?

A: The average class size is ~8-12 members, which gives coaches the ability to work 1:1 on form and technique. Our workout space is approx. 6,000 sq. ft, which allows us to accommodate these class sizes and do not have to cap class attendance.

Once you have access to WODIFY, you’ll reserve your class(es) in advance! This does a couple things: lets others know you’re attending that class but also ensures class will be held and a coach will be present (if no one reserves 30 minutes prior to class starting, the class will automatically be cancelled).

Q: Do you offer childcare?

A: YES! Childcare is offered on Monday – Friday at 9:15am, Monday-Thursday at 5:00PM, and Saturday at 9:30am. The cost is $1.50/child per class. To learn more, click HERE.

Q: Do you offer a military discount or other discounts?

A: Ft Ben offers discounts for military, first responders, students, and second household memberships. When you sign-up for your membership, please let us know, so we can apply the appropriate discount!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cost is based on type of membership selected: Unlimited, 13x per Month or BURN. The breakdown and what’s included in each membership can be found HERE (in detail) or see below.

Q: All of that sounds great, how do I get started?

A: Visit our GET STARTED page to schedule your three free classes or CONTACT US for further questions!